The Family and I


Grafton, Massachusetts, my home town - before the streets got paved.

North Street, looking south toward the center of town - 1800s?

The Unitarian Church on the town common - before it got painted white.

The Grafton Library, where I spent many a happy hour.

Greetings from Grafton, incorporated 1735.

My Dad, Rodney Upham Clark - probably at home in Winchester NH, or at the Upham family farm in Sturbridge MA, ca. 1913-14.

Dad and his sister Shirley, 1918.

Ruth Cooper, left, and Helen Elizabeth Cooper, my Mom, 1930s.

Mom - I think Dad took all these pictures of her.

On a Dune.

Dad the amateur photographer had found his ideal subject.

Love those shades!

She modeled in fashion shows in Worcester.

Mom with friends at a party.

On her Duncan Phyfe sofa, a formal pose...

and an informal pose.

In a 1930s kitchen, I don't know which house.

Dad and Mom rehearse for their stage debut.

Dad and Mom at Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Mom let him sit on it too.

Watching the waves roll in.

On the porch - Tatnuck Square? Chestnut Street?

In the field back of 26 South Street - he loved working on the land.
Gardening and landscaping were favorite pastimes.
Later he started the Grafton Town Forest (Grafton Land Trust).

A favorite domestic pastime.

Where I grew up - 26 South Street.

An impressive place. But we didn't live in "the front."

No, we didn't live in the garage.

We lived here, in what I think had once been the servant's quarters.
The place had an enormous yard with formal gardens.
The owners came up from Connecticut for a few weeks each summer.
To me, there didn't seem to be anything unusual in all this.
It was just our house.

1941 - I am born. myself a nice Mom...

The Official Portrait.

Hello, world!

Glad to meet you!

Suited up.

I got an early start at gardening.

Discovering the wonders of the creation.

Little man, what now?

Giving Dad advice, no doubt.
The second-floor window on the right was next to my bed.
I would gaze out it to the woods and the hills, and imagine.

Disposing of the Christmas tree.
Behind me, The Toolhouse, The Clothesline, The Kent's House.

Having fun with all the folks at Frye's Hill.

My sister Holly joined the family when I was 20 months old.
Here we are a couple years later.

Cute kid! Seems happy, even if she had to wear my old snowsuit.

We got along great...usually!

Laughing in a snowdrift with Eve Meiklejohn.

The proud father.

We had fun in the snow. But like the Cold-Blooded Penguin,
I really wanted to live in a tropical paradise.

Outside the Unitarian Church, my Sunday School classmates and I
gather for a snapshot by my Dad. I'm showing him my artwork.

My Dad took this photo and the next nearly identical one.

Recently I saw that I preferred different parts of each of them.

So I put them together like this.
That's Holly, Mom, me, and Caroline Merigold.

At 26 South Street with Grandpa and Grandma Clark.

A school picture - first grade, I think.

Gerry Gaudette, my best friend.

I swear, the guns were Dad's idea.

Dad and I went camping every summer. We both liked roughing it.

Some guys from Grafton's Troop 107 at Treasure Valley Boy Scout Camp.

1953 - Taking a break at the new house site on Merriam Road - an opportunity to dream of a better life!

1960 - Brother and sister at Cape Cod, where the family would go every summer.

I joined the Hare Krishnas in 1966. This was taken two years later.
In 1978 I ended my active membership, but the theology stays with me.

The serious mode - self portrait in a mirror - 2003.

My sweet and lovely daughter, Gulab, or Rose, or GulabRose, 5 yrs. old.

Holly and Gulab, about 1979.

Gulab with Holly's daughters Brenda, left, and Kristin, right.

She and her mother were living in Coronado -
the island off San Diego.
She lives in Kailua on Oahu now (2011).

Gulab and a friend - sometime around the year 2000.

Ellie Singer, the love of my life, in Central Park, about 1959.

If we had only met then...

we could have saved ourselves so much trouble!
Now I have these pictures, anyway.

Ellie - 1972.

Ellie and I tied the knot on May 18, 1981, in Santa Monica.

Ellie - 1983 - when I was doing a project at ArtPark in Lewiston NY.

Cuttin' up for Holly's camera at New Smyrna Beach. Duke supervised. 2002?

Sweet Ellie, on our front deck.

Ellie is a genius quilter!

Ellie and lil' Uma at the ashram in Los Angeles, 1979.

Uma in North Carolina with her friend Dhara, about 1983.

The same two - 1988?.

Uma at 15 - all dressed up for the Prom.

When she's on stage, all eyes are on Uma.

Uma is the coeur of the corps de ballet.

Uma visiting Taylor, her niece, in Biloxi.

Uma gets her official photo taken holding her diploma from Indian River Community College, 2006.

At age 30 (looking 20)
she clipped her hair and sent the results to Locks of Love.
Yes, those are braces. It's never too late!

The three of us while visiting Holly and Duke, 2005?

Holly at my favorite Romanesque church, San Miniato al Monte, Florence, 2008.